Laurel and Hardy Links
in no particular order   The web site for Amsterdam 2008, the next International Soons of the Desert Convention (July 9 - 12, 2008).   The fine folks at Looser Than Loose.  Some great L&H related items as well as other classic film items.   The Sons of the Desert home page. Home page for the Way Out West  tent of Los Angeles.  Links, contests, electronic post cards and items for sale.           L&H Cental - Hard Boiled Eggs and Nuts.  Another great site with detailed listings of all films The Laurel & Hardy Memorabilia Magazine.  Great to find those gifts for the Laurel and Hardy nut in your family.  Laurel & Hardy - The Official Web Site.  Home of the dancing L&H we "borrowed."  Thanks!  Temporarily unavailable.  Check here for a monthly listing of L&H on TV.  The web page for our good friends at the "Going Bye-Bye" tent of South Florida.  They must be the smartest tent since once a year they go to Jupiter!
Helpful Links for the Laurel and Hardy Fan
work with me on these...  Set the clock on your VCR to the second so you don't miss the start of that L&H film you need to complete your collection.  Sorry, we can't help you learn how to program your VCR. Okay, you found that L&H poster you want and agreed to buy it, but it costs 500 Euros. How much is that in U.S. dollars?  This site will make the currency conversion for you so now you will know if you got a bargain or were robbed. The nice folks at Orlando Regional Medical Center where we meet.
Links - Just Because Home page for Turner Classic Movies.  View the schedule and other interesting items.  The Danger Man web site.  Also known as Secret Agent in the U.S. The Prisoner web site.  Click here or button below to see "who is Number One."
#1  The Avengers Forever.  Great site for information about all versions and episodes of The Avengers. Patrick Macnee's Official web site.  The Official Jethro Tull web site. The Official Ann-Margret  web site.

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